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Our Prices

We offer 4 pricing options

All of our prices are designed to offer the most cost-effective approach for your business. Once we have agreed on your website specification and price we work to the following payment schedule, to ensure you're always happy with the progress of your site:
25% deposit
25% on approved designs
50% on approval of completed site (at which point it'll be published to your preferred location).
This is our lowest price option and appeals to clients who intend to assess the popularity of a new product/service, or who will be using their site as an online business card but expect their customers to visit or call them before buying from them.

  • 1. Standard Website (with full access to admin area) - £400 This includes a customised design, as many pages as required* and a contact form.
    *There may be a data input charge if you would like us to add the content for you, although this hasn't been the case yet!
  • 2. Large Scale Website (optimised for a specific use) £2000
  • 3. Commission Based Partnerships
  • Neat design, fast core.
  • Crash free & secure.
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Whatever the problem, we are here to help!

  • Fix errors
  • Heal hacked website
  • Speed up a slow website
  • Make your website work on variety of devices
  • Improve your website
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from scratch.

Programs are written just for your needs. There are no compromises in what you need and how you want it to work. It will work exactly the way you want.

Project planning.

We plan the software similar way as home designers plan houses. Before we start programming, blueprints of your new information system are created.


In many cases we are cheaper then 10 licences of competitive software. Obviously it depends on the project, but at the end you will be happy that it does exactly what you need it to do. And there are no licence restrictions.


We are here to help at anytime. Just call or email and we will be right on it. We are glad to help.


The way we create software doesn´t limit us to any hardware. It will run smoothly on linux or windows servers. Because we use web browser as a client it runs on all devices with HTML5 browser.


Unlimited users, unlimited servers, unlimited client machines, clear source code.

  • Project: Change management

    We monitor the changes on projects. Users log in to the system, managers assigned them the tasks. Users are informed about important tasks by e-mail then they record their process of dealing with task in the programme.

    Manager of the project can log in anytime to see the process of the change.

    500 hours Windows server, MSSQL, IE8, intranet
  • Project: E-shop Speed up

    Client launched an advertising campaign, hundreds of people came and the server was overloaded. Page view took about 7sec. and the client was dissatisfied bacause he launched the ad and e-shop did not work. There are more than 60 000 unique goods items with dozens of parameters.

    We remade the heart of the system to optimised fast response. Now page view takes under 0.5 sec.. The system deals with the advertising campaign, where thousands of people are coming. Server HW was not changed.

    500 hours Linux, PHP, MySQL
  • Project: Utility to convert the text from RS232 on keyboard

    Client demanded faster Barcode loading with the existing readers. He wanted the possibility of automatic content changes based on the formula.

    We developed application, which listens to the COM port, loades into memory, runs a script to change the contents and inserts into the active field. Skripts can be changed and it´s possible to add while processing, it can be managed by IT engineer.

    100 hours Windows
  • Project: Linking machines to MES

    Client demanded the production machines to communicate with MES (Manufacturing Execution System). The machines can be controlled via PC or PLC.

    We programmed smaller or bigger utilities, that communicate via TCP acording to the MES protocol specifications.

    50-200 hours Windows, linux, PLC Beckhoff, PLC Siemens

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